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    Brilliant British Buses: The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Minibus

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    With public transport expensive and hugely unreliable in Britain, planning a long-distance group trip can lead to a real headache. The last thing you want to do is miss your event, reservation, or connecting journey because of the public transport system.

    This is where minibus hire steps up to the plate. Quick, luxurious and affordable, a minibus journey with your friends or colleagues can turn a chore into a memorable adventure.

    Keep reading to discover the advantages that minibus hire has over other methods of travel and the benefits that it can bring your next group trip.

    Hiring a Minibus – The Problems With the Alternatives

    With so much to see and to do during your visit to London, you’ll need complete control of your time to take advantage of all that the city has to offer.

    This is impossible if your group is relying on a carpool service like Uber. Typically, the largest vehicle you can hire from these companies will only accommodate 4 passengers.

    This can mean splitting your party into smaller groups to fit into the cars. There are several problems with this.

    Firstly, you could arrive at your engagement at different times. This is not ideal if you have a reservation or dinner, or have a specific timeslot for a trip on the London Eye for example.

    Secondly, the costs aren’t shared evenly. Because taxi apps often charge extra during busy periods, different cars in your groups could end up paying different prices.

    Hiring a minibus will remove all of these problems. It keeps your group together and gives you exclusive access to your own transport option.

    Hiring a Minibus – Enjoy Complete Control

    The beauty of the minibus is that it will be available exclusively for your use during the hire slot.

    Depending on your needs the Luxury Transport fleet of minibusses could pick you up from the airport. This definitely beats jumping onto a slow train after a long flight across the Atlantic.

    The following day, you can enjoy a luxury coach tour of London. This will allow you to experience all of the iconic sites and sounds around the city most visited by tourists on the planet at your own pace.

    Perhaps you’d like to take a break from city life? That’s fine too. You can arrange a trip to one of Britain’s famous pebble beaches.

    All these options and more are available if you hire a private coach for your holiday in Britain. It provides a flexible option that cannot be matched by public transport.

    If you are attending a major event such as Wimbledon, or a concert at the O2 Arena, public transport can become extremely congested, leading to long delays.

    Having an exclusive transport option available at your convenience will prevent an uncomfortable journey on the Tube.

    Private hire means you can create a bespoke package for your trip to Britain. Read more here to begin putting together a quote.

    Enjoy Affordable Travel

    Quiet, comfortable and luxurious, it’s no surprise that some people believe that hiring a minibus for a luxury coach tour would be expensive. You would be surprised how affordable it can be though.

    The savings all come down to burden sharing. If you are traveling with a large enough group of passengers, you can save significant amounts of money, whilst still enjoying a level of luxury that is not possible when using public transport.

    Anyone who has traveled on London’s Underground on Britains ailing rail services is aware that they are more utilitarian than luxury. This is not to say that they are cheap, unfortunately.

    A 7-day travelcard into Central London can cost between £35 and £60 each. London’s Underground network is one of the busiest in the world, with over 5 million passengers a day.

    With expensive public transport options both within and outside of London, minibus hire provides travelers with fantastic value for money.

    Whether you are visiting the capital as a contingent to watch your football team in action or taking a group of hikers for a day trip around the Hastings Circular, private minibus or coach hire will provide the perfect balance of cost, flexibility, and luxury.

    Luxurious Extra Touches

    Modern British buses and minivans are equipped with extra amenities so that you can travel in style and comfort. Public transport and even private hire cars cannot match this sense of luxury.

    Onboard Wi-Fi connectivity, televisions and even restrooms are common on vehicles in the Luxury Transport fleet. These touches of luxury transform a journey into an experience.

    And they can help you create a memorable experience before you even reach your destination.

    A minivan equipped with a booming hi-fi system could set the tone as you travel with friends up to Glastonbury for example. Likewise, onboard screens showing highlights from last weekend’s match will get everyone fired up for the game as they travel to their destination.

    Even little extras like leather seatings and access to dedicated bathroom facilities can make the difference between an unmemorable journey and a great one. This can be especially important if your group includes babies and older passengers.

    Many forms of public transport have to be tolerated rather than enjoyed, unfortunately. This doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to private minivan hire.

    Safety First Transport

    Traveling in public can naturally lead to a greater risk of being at risk of theft and crime. On London’s Underground, theft has risen 12% in a year, leading to 25 people being pick-pocketed each day.

    Although the risks are small, they still exist. Using a hired minivan reduces the crime of you falling victim to crime.

    Any luggage or personal possessions will be safe during your journey in a minivan. Large vehicles and groups of passengers act as a deterrent to petty criminals, meaning the chances of a disturbance are minimal.

    Statistically, minivans are one of the safest modes of transport available today.

    Whether there is inclement weather to contend with or congestion on the roads, Luxury Transport uses professional drivers who will be able to take you or your clients to and from your chosen destination safely and in good time.

    Minibus Travel – Convenience and Comfort

    Hiring a minibus works on a number of levels. You can enjoy comfort and control over your itinerary, all whilst saving money.

    Perhaps this is why so many different groups turn to minibus hire for their journeys. Tour operators, football fans and tourists alike use these services because they understand that value does not need to come at a cost to quality.

    If you are interested in using learning more about our services, please feel free to contact us and get a quote.

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