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    9 Iconic Places to See in England Via Luxury Coach

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    places to see in england

    London, England’s capital, is the most attractive tourist destination in the world, pulling in 30 million visitors each year from different countries.

    Visitors to England opt to go sight-seeing aboard luxury coaches because they allow you to take in everything—the sights, sounds and smells at a more luxurious pace.

    Here are the top 9 places to see in England via coach.

    1. Westminster Abbey

    Westminster Abbey is simply full of charm and mystique. Dating back a thousand years to 970 AD, this is London’s oldest house of worship.

    It’s also the official place of the coronation and burial of monarchs.

    Westminster Abbey, with its fan-vaulted roof, huge glass stained windows, crisscrossing arches, textiles and paintings indeed lives up to its testament as one of the grandest buildings in England.

    Here, you get to see the setting of every coronation since 1066, as well as 16 royal weddings.

    2. Buckingham Palace is Undoubtedly One of the Best Places to See in England

    Going behind the gates of the most famous real estate in the world, the Queen’s Official residence is definitely a memory worth every effort.

    For ten weeks in summer and early autumn, Buckingham palace allows visitors into the residence to see where the Royal family spends a significant chunk of its time.

    While there, be sure to watch out for:

    • The change of guard ceremony
    • The Throne room where Queen Elizabeth’s coronation thrones are kept
    • The music room which is used to entertain royal guests

    Throughout the visit, you will be treated to splendid décor, paintings, furniture, sculptures and chandeliers that are fit for a queen.

    With the VIP treatment from Luxury Transport Limited, you will definitely enjoy the full royal experience.

    3. England’s Lake District

    To deviate off the art and grand buildings of Westminster and the Buckingham Palace, you can venture to England’s Lake District for greenery, sweeping views, and to spend a day immersed in nature.

    Rated among the top places to see in England, the Lake District boasts 16 lakes, plus mountains and sweeping valleys.

    Aside from nature, this location has a rich history as well.

    You can explore rocks and other tools used as far back as 5,000 years ago.

    4. London at Night

    Central London can be overrun with crowds during the day. The night, however, opens it up in a whole new way.

    The architecture, the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are spectacularly illuminated.

    You get to tour Central London, taking in sights of Westminster and Knightsbridge as well as the River Thames.

    5. Isle of Wight

    The Isle of Wight is a diamond-shaped island, set on the south coast of England. The island has 60 miles of unspoiled coastline and dramatic cliffs for you to explore on a day trip.

    Once on the island, you can visit its museums, galleries and historic sites. You can learn and play at the Tapnell Farm Park, where you can interact with animals as well as enjoy indoor and outdoor games.

    For wildlife lovers, the Isle of Wight Zoo based on Sandown beach will be a dream come true.

    The formerly family-owned zoo is now a registered charity that aims to aid the survival of endangered species through recreational and educational experiences.

    Although the zoo has other animals, its primary focus is on tigers and lemurs.

    6. Warwick Castle Tour

    This stunning fortress dates back to 1068 and gives visitors insights into hundreds of years of history that took place at the castle.

    Here you can hold and marvel at the weight of a sword or see the state dining room all set up for a Victorian dinner party.

    On your way there, you are likely to pass through the Cotswold’s countryside and take in miles of rolling green hills and scattered quaint sleepy villages.

    7. Stonehenge

    This UNESCO World Heritage Site is among the most popular places in England.

    Dating back to 3000 BC, it’s still baffling how the large, 50-ton slabs were transported to their current location.

    Even more baffling is that its purpose has not been definitively established. Still, it’s among the most popular tourist attractions in England.

    To learn more about the site, the exhibition and visitor center offers 250 ancient objects, and get this—the opportunity to come face to face with a 5,500-year-old man.

    Right outside the visitor center are the Neothelic houses which piece together life as it was 4,500 years ago with no microwaves, no HVAC systems and definitely no mobile phones.

    8. The Tower of London

    If you are one to indulge in the occasional ghost story, here is one for you.

    The Tower of London functioned as a prison from the 1100s to the mid-20th century.

    Today, it is home to the 140 ceremonial objects, known as the Crown Jewels of The United Kingdom.

    The Tower of London is reputedly the most haunted building in the land, with tales of ghosts including one of Anna Boleyn said to inhibit the building.

    Quite eerie! You might not see the ghosts, but the Tower of London is definitely among the best sites to see in England.

    9. Windsor Castle

    Windsor Castle is the oldest and grandest occupied castle in the world. For royal enthusiasts, this is quite the treat.

    The castle and home of the Queen sits on 5,000 acres and captures 900 years of British history.

    Similar to the Buckingham Palace, this castle had stunning furniture, sculptures, and paintings.

    There is also Queen Mary’s doll house, arguably the world’s most famous dollhouse, which includes fixtures and fittings that include running water and electricity.

    All in miniature sizes off course.

    You can also witness the changing of the guard which will offer the perfect, most memorable photo opportunity. This is definitely among the top places to see in England.

    Ride, Explore, Enjoy!

    These are some of the best places to see in England.

    There’s no better way to enjoy your tour of the city than aboard one of our luxury coaches.

    At Luxury transport, our business is centered around comfort and luxury, and we are passionate about delivering royal-standard services every single time.

    Contact us today for more information.

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